Solaray: Peppermint Mini Mints Casepack 6 Tab Peppermint

Peppermint Mini Mints Casepack - 6 Tab Peppermint

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Peppermint Mini Mints

Forgot to take a toothbrush early this morning? Or have you taken some garlicky food and having problems with your breath? Worry no more; freshen your mouth up with Peppermint Mini Mints! With this product, you can now go on a day without thinking about having bad breath plus it reduces any anxiety with its cool, soothing scent that brings ease and comfort to the body.

Natural as it is, these Peppermint Mini Mints contain Sorbitol, Xylitol, Natural Peppermint Flavors, Stearic Acid, Silica and Lecithin [soy].

Peppermints have been known widely because of its various health benefits and used commercially in mouth fresheners. One of the main active ingredients in peppermints is Menthol which is a minty, organic substance and has a stimulating and refreshing scent that brings you to health and wellness. Menthol vapors bring a cooling sensation to the body and immediately relieve you from having a bad breath and also from stress. Peppermint is an age-old herbal medicine that has been used to treat a wide range of abdominal woes, from flatulence to stomach cancer to gallbladder disease. Mainly it is good for proper digestion.

Contained also in these Mini Mints are Xylitol and Sorbitol. Xylitol is a “tooth-friendly”, natural sugar alcohol which is found to be safe for persons with diabetics because it is not easily converted to fat. It also prevents cavity formations on teeth and slows the growth of Candida (which causes bad breath). On the other hand, to protect mini mints against loss of moisture content is Sorbitol which preserves the freshness of mini mints. This is also a sugar substitute, referred to as a nutritive sweetener for the dietary energy it provides and is frequently used in almost all of the “sugar free” products. It occurs naturally in many fruits and berries. Although it is sweet, it has no contribution to the formation of cavities on teeth.

Of all other mint and chewing gum products, why choose this? Simply because it’s harmless to health and natural - that is Peppermint Mini Mints! Chew one and enjoy the rollercoaster ride to freshness in a cool and soothing healthy way.

Hesitate not. Grab one now.

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Peppermint Mini Mint Blend (Sorbitol, Xylitol, Natural Peppermint Flavors, Stearic Acid, Silica and Lecithin [soy]) ~

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Review of Peppermint Mini Mints Casepack - Solaray Product 10303
Reviewed by Anne Sanborn
Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rating: 4/5

If there is anyone you know out there who is taking Solaray Mini Mints peppermint it is now time to buy these vitamins for a great discount. For only $12.43, you can buy at least 6 tab peppermint. Compare other store prices of $15.54. If keeping your GI track clean and healthy, this vitamin is the one for you.

Anne Sanborn Fort Worth, TX United States