Woodland publishing: Limu Moui & Fucoidan 35 pgs Book

Limu Moui & Fucoidan - 35 pgs Book

by   Woodland publishing
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  • Antiviral, Anti-Aging, Enhance Immunity
  • by Rita Elkins, MH.
  • Rejuvenating Sea Plant
UPC: 978158540979
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Limu Moui & Fucoidan by Woodland Publishing

Fight disease and boost longevity with limu moui and fucoidan. Limu moui is a brown seaweed that has been consumed by Pacific Islanders for over three thousand years. It has a reputation for fighting disease and promoting good health, and has been the focus of scientific study for its cancer-fighting abilities. This nutrient-packed sea plant offers many health benefits, including cholesterol and blood sugar control, antioxidant fortification and immune system reinforcement. Get your copy today to find out how limu moui and fucoidan may bring you better health and a longer life.

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