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Honey - 41 pgs Book

by   Woodland publishing
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  • by Debbie Neumayer
  • Manuka, Raw Honey, Varietals, Medicinal Uses
  • Nature's Sweetest Benefit
UPC: 978158542010
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Honey by Woodland Publishing

Since at least 3000 BC, humans have used honey for medicinal (apitherapy) and cosmetic purposes. But be careful when buying honey today—the processed honey on the supermarket shelf may not be as healthy as you think. Processed honey is typically heated and filtered, destroying many of its beneficial compounds. In this booklet, learn about the nutritional and medicinal benefits of nature’s most popular sweetener.

From burns to sore throats, learn how you can incorporate healthful honey into your first aid kit. Also included are descriptions of different honey varietals, including Tupelo, Manuka, buckwheat and honeydew, with details about their health benefits.

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