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Maitake Mushroom and D-Fraction By Ken Babal , Shari
Lieberman, Ph.D. ISBN 1580543448 Pages: 32 Size: 5 1/2
x 8 1/2 Format: Paperback Published: 10/08/01 Over
thousands of years, mushrooms such as reishi, shiitake and
maitake have been used to maintain and improve health, preserve
youth and increase longevity. Although nearly fifty of the 700
edible mushrooms have medicinal value, maitake mushrooms are one
of the most impressive, especially in areas of cancer research.
Maitake mushrooms enhance immune function, and D-fraction, a
beta glucan extracted from the mushroom, has even more potent
healing powers. This booklet will show how maitake mushrooms and
D-fraction can bring you better health and a longer life.

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