Woodland publishing: Overcoming Infertility Naturally 141 pgs

Overcoming Infertility Naturally - 141 pgs

by   Woodland publishing
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Overcoming Infertility Naturally By Karen Bradstreet
ISBN 0913923869 Pages: 141 Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Format:
Paperback Published: 10/20/99 Through years of
research, Karen Bradstreet has developed a program to assist
those struggling with infertility. This book explains the
relationship between reproduction, nutrition and emotions. Learn
how artificial food additives, drugs (including nicotine,
caffeine and alcohol), environmental toxins, stress, and other
factors can compromise fertility. Discover how vitamins,
minerals, herbs, and a postive emotional transition can help
many infertile couples conceive.

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