ALVITA TEAS: Elderberry Tea 24 bags

Elderberry Tea - 24 bags

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Native to Europe and North America, Elderberry (Sambucus nigra)
is considered a shrub but can resemble a tree. It produces
serrated leaves, delicate flowers and juicy berries that are
each used for their beneficial properties. The Elderberry has
been involved in hunan history centuries, with a reputation for
healing both the body and the spirit. In fact, the plant was
used so widely and considered so important and valuable that it
earned the epithet, "the medicine chest of the country people."
The berries are ready for harvest in late summer and are rich in
Vitamin C. They are often the main ingredient in pies, jellies,
wines and cordials. A healing soothing syrup and tea can also be
brewed from Elderberry.

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