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TriBull (Tribulus)
A recent medical survey found that in the U.S., 31% of men
suffer from sexual performance concerns. Typical problems
included lack of satisfaction or pleasure during sex,
performance anxiety, and lack of desire. TriBull, a high-powered
extract of Tribulus, offers a safe, effective and time-honored
solution. Increases libido* Improves sexual
performance* The Science of TriBull Tribulus (Tribulus
terrestris) is used in the Indian Ayurvedic tradition as a
Rasayana, a dietary supplement or practice promoting
rejuvenation, mental and physical health, as well as providing a
defense against aging and challenging environmental factors.
Tribulus is traditionally regarded as a sexual rejuvenator, for
general fatigue and for healthy urinary tract function.2
Placebo-controlled clinical trials of Tribulus in men with
sexual performance concerns found improvements in libido and
frequency of sexual intercourse.3 Laboratory studies support
the traditional use of Tribulus for male sexual function4 and
for kidney and urinary tract health.5 Directions Take
2 (500 mg) capsules, two times per day or as directed by your
health care practitioner. Best results are achieved after 60
days. Not to be taken if dehydrated or by those for whom
testosterone or estrogen-increasing substances are to be
avoided. Not for use during pregnancy. If nursing a baby or
taking any prescription drugs, seek the advice of a health care
professional before using this product. Keep out of reach of
children. Dosha Guide In Ayurveda there are seven
basic body constitutions resulting from the predominance of one
or more energetic influences or Doshas. The Doshas, Vata, Pitta
and Kapha, influence physical, mental and spiritual health.
Everyone is considered to be a unique combination of these three
body influences. Your natural Doshic state of balance is called
Prakruti. TriBull is used for sexual rejuvenation and healthy
urinary tract function. It can also help to balance certain
Doshas. Care for the Environment As a
manufacturer, our actions can have a large impact on the
environment. We always look for the most earth-friendly,
sustainable choice. BosWell features: Vegetarian tablets with
no animal-derived ingredients Sustainably wildcrafted
herbs Extraction using only pure water & alcohol, not toxic
solvents Organic cotton stuffing Bottles that are easily
recyclable #2 plastic, HDPE Guide to Being Well - Healthy
Sexual Function Exercise. Regular, vigorous exercise improves
overall health and vitality as well as increasing testosterone
levels. Practice yoga and meditation to help optimize sexual
function and healthy relationships. Enjoy regular, responsible
sex to boost testosterone levels. Stop smoking. Tobacco
increases the risk of prostate cancer and diminishes functioning
of all major organ systems. Avoid excessive alcohol as it can
reduce sperm count. Reduce stress, which can cause diminished
production of sex hormones. Eat seafoods rich in omega-3 fatty
acids to support healthy hormone production. Lower cholesterol
levels to improve blood flow. Be sure to get enough zinc and
vitamins C & E. These nutrients are essential to a healthy
prostate and male reproductive function. References 1.
Laumann EO, et al. Journal of the American Medical Association
1999;281:537-544. 2. Varma R. Journal of the National
Integrative Medical Association 1980;22:234-236. 3. Adimoelja
FXA, et al. International Journal of Andrology 1997;20(suppl.
1):39. 4. Adaikan PG, et al. Annals of the Academy of Medicine
Singapore 2000;29:22-26. 5. Sangeeta D, et al. Journal of
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