BIOTECH CORPORATION: DermaSilk 90 Second Eye Lift .25 oz

DermaSilk 90 Second Eye Lift - .25 oz

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# BT0050

Many people struggle with the delicate skin around their eyes. Many problems experienced include Crows Feet, Dark Circles, loose skin and puffiness. This wonderful serum will help to decrease all these unpleasant symptoms! It will provide instant tightening of skin and under eye lift. In just 90 seconds, you can look 10 years younger! It will eliminate fine lines, Crow’s feet and smile creases and reduce puffiness and under eye circles.

Purified water, soy protein phthalate, bisabolol, chamomile extract, Canadian willow bark extract, xanthan gum, sodium alginate, phenoxyethanol, fragrance.

Use this product on clean and dry skin. Apply before moisturizer and allow it to be absorbed completely. Put a small drop of the serum onto your fingertip and start at the corner of your under eye and sweep the serum outward and upward, covering fine lines, wrinkles, Crow’s feet and under eye puffiness. Coat evenly and finish by gently tapping the area. Watch result appear within seconds!

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