SINOL: Sinol-M Children's Allergy  Sinus 15 ml

Sinol-M Children's Allergy Sinus - 15 ml

by   SINOL
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* Fast relief of congestion, sneezing, sinus pressure & pain, runny nose and itchy eyes
* No harmful side effects like antihistamines, decongestants or pain relievers
* Easy to use nasal pump
* No drowsiness or jitters
* Drains your sinuses naturally
* Clinically proven effectiveness

All Sinol and Sinol-M products are zinc-free. No loss of smell (anosmia) has been reported in association with the use of Sinol or Sinol-M nasal sprays. In a clinical study of Sinol and Sinol-M in patients with persistent allergies, no side-effects associated with loss of smell were reported

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