Doctors Best: Best Noni Concentrate (650 mg) 150C

Best Noni Concentrate (650 mg) - 150C

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Noni Supplement Facts:

serving size 2 capsules
servings per container 75 servings

Noni (fruit)(Morinda Citrifolia) .......... 1300mg

Other Ingredients: Modified Cellulose (vegetarian Capsules).

Suggested Use: As an herbal supplement, take 2 capsules three times daily, with or without food.

Best Noni contains pure dried Morinda citrifolia fruit, commonly known as “Noni.” The Morinda citrifolia plant has a long herbal history in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, and is considered beneficial for a wide variety of uses. Noni fruit, recognized as a valuable food source and approved by the U.S. government since World War II, contains vitamin C1 and other nutritious substances.

NONI: Traditional Folk Remedy

Morinda citrifolia is well known throughout tropical regions of Asia, the South Pacific and the Caribbean. There are no fewer than 40 common names for this remarkable plant. In the South Pacific, the fruit of Morinda citrifolia goes by the name “Noni.” Highly esteemed for its nutritional value, Noni was approved by the U.S. government during World War II as a food for American soldiers in the Pacific. Noni is also a prized traditional folk remedy among Pacific island cultures and is considered useful for a wide variety of ailments.2,3

Pharmaceutical research has uncovered a number of active constituents in the roots, leaves and fruit of Morinda citrifolia. Noni fruit, in addition to vitamin C, contains antibacterial compounds and beneficial polysaccharides. 4,5

Noni Stimulates Cell Repair

Noni fruit has recently been found to contain a substance given the name “proxeronine” which is believed to increase levels in the body of an alkaloid called “xeronine.” Preliminary unpublished investigations indicate that xeronine is vital for the regeneration of cell structures and maintenance of cellular functions. This intriguing discovery may in large measure explain Noni’s wide range of reported beneficial effects.

Noni Supports Immune Function

Anecdotal clinical reports on the use of Noni fruit include improvement in the body’s resistance to viruses, yeast, fungi, and bacteria. These observations are supported by current research studies performed at the University of Hawaii.5 Noni fruit extracts showed an ability to enhance the immune response in mice.

Additional reports on the current uses on Noni which coincide with the traditional uses include:

1) Effective against fatigue,
2) Support for joint function and control of the inflammatory response,
3) Maintenance of normal blood-sugar levels.

Noni is safe and free of side effects. As a supplement, it should be taken on an empty stomach to prevent breakdown by stomach acid of the natural enzymes present in Noni fruit.


Suggested Adult Use: As an herbal supplement, take 2 capsules three times daily, with or without food.

Does Not Contain: milk, egg, wheat, corn, sugar, sweeteners, starch, salt, or preservatives.

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