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Nerve Tonic - 500 tabs

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Hyland's Nerve Tonic Stress can create havoc in your life.
Hyland's Nerve Tonic is a combination of biochemic phosphates to
help your body handle the stress of everyday life. Available in
small, quick dissolving tablets or fast acting caplets, Hyland's
Nerve Tonic is your answer to stress and nervous tension due to
overwork and worry. Indications for Use: Temporary
symptomatic relief of simple nervous tension and
stress. Formula: Calcarea Phosphorica 3X HPUS Ferrum
Phosphorica 3X HPUS Kali Phosphoricum 3X HPUS Natrum
Phosphoricum 3X HPUS Magnesia Phosphoricum 3X HPUS In a base
of Lactose (milk sugar), NF. Available in the following
sizes: 32 caplets 500 quick dissolving tablets 1000 quick
dissolving tablets

Serving Size 6 Tablets , 83 servings per container Suggested
Use Adults take 6 tablets before each meal and at bedtime
(children 2 tablets). In severe cases take 3 tablets every 2

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