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Hyland's EnurAid™ Tablets Many people are affected by
incontinence (involuntary urination.) Incontinence does not
discriminate and affects people of all ages. For instance, women
who participate in aerobics classes regularly may experience
stress incontinence from the constant bouncing pressure on their
bladders. This is a common problem, but the answer doesn't have
to be diaper-like briefs. Hyland's EnurAid™ provides all-natural
relief from the symptoms of adult incontinence - gently and
safely. Like all homeopathic medicines, Hyland's EnurAid™ works
without contraindications or side effects. Indications for
Use: Hyland's EnurAid™ Tablets are a homeopathic combination
indicated for the control and symptomatic relief of involuntary
urination (common incontinence) in adults. Hyland's EnurAid™
provides a 100% natural approach which aids in relief of
symptoms of bladder control and related symptoms. Like all
homeopathic products, EnurAid™ has no known contraindications or
side effects. Formula: Belladonna 6X HPUS - for frequent and
profuse urination with sensation of motion in bladder; for
incontinence and continuous dropping Cantharis 6X HPUS - for
intolerable urging, urine passes in drops Apis Mell. 6X HPUS -
for frequent and involuntary urination; last drops burn and
smart Arnica Montana 6X HPUS - enhances muscular activity of
the bladder Allium Cepa 6X HPUS - for sensation of weakness in
bladder and urethra, increased secretion of urine Rhus Arom. 6X
HPUS - for incontinence with constant dribbling Equisetum Hyem
6X HPUS - for feeling of fullness in bladder, frequent urging,
incontinence In a base of Lactose (milk sugar),
NF. Available in bottles of 50 quick dissolving tablets.

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