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Why Take a Blessed Thistle Supplement?

Although the claims for blessed thistle have not been proved by human trials, biochemical science indicates its constituents to more than capable of offering the health benefits claimed for it. Perhaps the best known is its effects on lactation, and in Canada it is recommended to nursing mothers who have a low level of lactation. It not only increases the flow of milk, but is also a diuretic, enabling your body to expel excess fluid as urine.

Some people keep an extract of blessed thistle in their homes for treating wounds that are proving difficult to heal and have gone septic or are suppurating, and to treat boils and similar conditions such as ulcers. Here, it is the antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of blessed thistle that enable it to be effective, particularly as a poultice or dressing to reduce suppuration and prevent further infection.

Blessed thistle is not a cure-all, but it has centuries of use for what it does, and those that use it claim it to be very effective.

Blessed Thistle Herb Category: Organic Alcohol Fluid Extract
12-15% certified organic alcohol Serving size: 1-2mL, 3x daily
Each serving contains: Blessed Thistle herb fluid extract (1:1)
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