NATURE'S WAY: Vit C 500 Ascorbate Buffered 100 caps

Vit C 500 Ascorbate Buffered - 100 caps

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Vitamin C L- Ascorbic Acid Description Nature's Way
Vitamin C 500 L-ascorbic acid is a highly pure crystalline, 100
% natural form of Vitamin C Usage Vitamin C provides
antioxidant protection for many of the body's' important enzyme
systems. White blood cells utilize Vitamin C to help produce
cytotoxic enzymes which they use to eliminate foreign matter. It
also helps strengthen collagen, a major connective protein.
Vitamin C also plays an important role in the P450 enzyme
detoxification system.* Recommended Daily Dosage Take one to
two capsules as needed with meals or water. The
following list is for serving size of 2 capsules Primary
Ingredients Amount USRDA Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 1000 mg
1667% Other Ingredients Cellulose, Gelatin, Magnesium
Oxide, Silica

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