NATURE'S WAY: Chamomile Standardized Extract 60 caps

Chamomile Standardized Extract - 60 caps

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  • Helps calm the body and promote natural sleep.
  • Is considered a nerve tonic.
  • Traditonally used for stress, anxiety, and sleep.
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Chamomile, Extract Latin Name Matricaria
recutita Description Nature's Way standardized Chamomile is
a scientifically and technically advanced herbal extract
standardized to 1.2 % apigenin and supported by the whole
herb. Usage Chamomile is used for it's soothing effects and
ability to support normal tone in the digestive tract. It has
long been used as an after-meal and bedtime drink. Now you can
have the health benefits of chamomile in a convenient
concentrated extract.* Recommended Daily Dosage Take one to
two capsules as needed with water. One capsule is equivalent to
a cup of chamomile tea. The following list is
for serving size of 1 capsule Primary Ingredients Amount
USRDA Chamomile Flower 220 mg 0% Chamomile, dried
extract 125 mg 0%

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