TOP SECRET: BCAA HyperBlend Energy Watermelon 168 gm

BCAA HyperBlend Energy Watermelon - 168 gm

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BCAA HyperBlend Energy Watermelon by Top Secret

Formulated with the superpowers of branched-chain amino acids and the anabolic potent blend of ursolic acid (UA) and homobrassinolides, Top Secret Nutrition's BCAA HyperBlend Anabolic Jar greatly enhances absorption of these performance optimizing ingredients. The addition of our anabolic power blend of ursolic acid (UA) and homobrassinolides helps preserve muscle, boost fat loss, and support muscle hyperplasia and hypertrophy. Unlike other branched-chain amino acid supplements, BCAA HyperBlend allows the body to metabolize all 20 essential amino acids that normally cannot be synthesized in the body. The chemical structure of BCAA's assists in muscle development by reaching muscle tissue much more rapidly.*

Three of the twenty essential amino acids of BCAA HyperBlend are branched-chain amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. They are metabolized in the muscle rather than the liver. These BCAAs promote the glyconeogenesis process, which reuses glucose needed for energy in muscles, resulting in a much more invigorated state throughout your entire workout. The more plentiful BCAA's are, the better the body is at maintaining anabolic stimulus - consequently, the muscle breakdown process decreases so you can make more muscular gains.

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