XLEAR: Xlear Sinus Care NetiPot w/packets Kit 1 kit

Xlear Sinus Care NetiPot w/packets Kit - 1 kit

by   XLEAR
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  • All Natural, Drug Free
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  • Effective, Natural Ingredients you can trust
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Xlear Sinus Care NetiPot w/packets Kit by Xlear

XLEAR Sinus Care knows the problems you’re facing when experiencing sinus congestion. Whether it’s brought on by allergies or other environmental factors, nasal congestion can ruin your day. At the same time, you don’t want to be putting potentially harmful chemicals into your body. That’s why they designed this neti pot kit with 6 free packets of sinus rinse salt. If your sinus congestion problems are causing you pain and discomfort the XLEAR Neti Pot Kit will provide you with immediate relief of sinus congestion. This long lasting formula will provide you with maximum relief with minimal uses. The difference between the XLEAR Neti Pot Kit and the other leading brands is in the powerful salt formula containing xylitol.

This essential ingredient makes this sinus rinse kit the most impressive, all natural solution to sinus congestion available. Xylitol is a natural, non-GMO substance that has proven moisturizing and anti-adhesive benefits. Xylitol has been studied and used worldwide for over 40 years. It’s so effective that there is no need to use any synthetic antihistamines or decongestants. The included sinus rinse salt formula is hyper-osmotic. Hyper-osmotic means the xylitol and saline solution draws in moisture to the nasal cavity and keeps it there longer than a standard sinus rinse salt. This means you’ll experience a cleaner, clearer nasal cavity. The relief from the nasal congestion will be greater and last longer.

This natural solution is delivered via a unique, dishwasher safe neti pot plastic that is BPA free. The design of the pot allows the solution to easily flow into the nasal cavity. This special delivery system combined with the special sinus rinse allows almost instantaneous relief. XLEAR believes that it’s possible to achieve great health with natural products. Don’t settle for the same old salt solution, try this revolutionary neti pot kit and see how it can change your daily health in a safe, natural way.

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