TWINLAB: Mega Bromelain 300mg (600 gdu) 90 caps

Mega Bromelain 300mg (600 gdu) - 90 caps

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Details TWINLAB MEGA BROMELAIN CAPS are the highest quality
and purest form of bromelain available in quick acting two piece
capsules. Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme obtained from the
stem of the pineapple plant (Ananas Comosus). More
Information Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme that facilitates
protein digestion when taken with food and acts as an
anti-inflammatory when taken on an empty stomach and can help
heal minor injuries such as sprains, strains, muscles injuries,
pain, swelling and tenderness. Ingredients Bromelain (600
GDU/Gram).1000mg. Warning Mega Bromelain should be taken
as directed on the bottle or as it was prescribed by your
medical practitioner.

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