TWINLAB: Cran-1-Daily 30 caps

Cran-1-Daily - 30 caps

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# TW1267

100% Natural Cranberry Fruit Nutritionally Supports Healthy
Urinary Tract Function* Convenient, one capsule per-day
dosage CRAN-1-DAILY™, a unique dietary supplement
formulated specifically for persons concerned with maintaining a
healthy urinary tract.* Twinlab is proud to say that we are
a leading provider of a Cranberry/ Blueberry nutritional
supplement that requires only one capsule per day -
CRAN-1-DAILY™. This convenient, product is a combination of the
all-natural blends Cran-Max® and Blue-Max®. Cran-Max® is a
clinically proven extract made from 100% cranberry fruit solids.
It is the only cranberry extract that retains the full
phytonutrient value of the whole cranberry and has three times
greater antioxidant activity than cranberry juice. It is also
the only cranberry extract which utilizes the patented
Bio-Shield® Technology, allowing the active ingredients of the
cranberry to be delivered to the gastrointestinal tract where
they are time-released for maximum effect. Blue-Max® is made
from 100% whole blueberry fruit and serves as an excellent
antioxidant, helping to ward off free radical damage.*
CRAN-1-DAILY™ comes in a convenient one-capsule-per-day dosage.

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