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The Health Benefits Of Beta Barotene

Beta carotene

Beta carotene is one of the organic compounds and anti oxidants, which are abundant in fruits and vegetables. This substance is pigment that gives orange color to fruits and vegetables. This substance is very useful for health. Here are various health benefits of beta carotene:

  • - Boost immune system. Beta-carotene is one of antioxidants which are involve in teh body's biochemical reactions. This substance is a major source of vitamin A that are useful to eye health and endurance.
  • - Lowering cholesterol level. There are many studies that say bata-carotene is very powerful to destroy fat cells including cholesterol. It's also very useful to prevent cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, sore throat and more.
  • - Preventing eye disease. Vitamin A is one of the most substances that used to repair damaged tissue in the retina and improve vision.
  • - Maintain healthy skin. Beta carotene is very powerful to protect the skin from the free radical. This anti oxidant also very useful to repair damage skin tissue.