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Can acai help with weight loss and why?

Acai is a plant that is found in nations like Brazil. It is a palm tree species plant that grows up to thirty meters high. Acai palm is rich in nutrients that have been found to have medicinal value. Its berries are rich in corbon, proteins, minerals, and vitamins among others. The Acai plant has fruits that are black-purple in color.Its berry has a circumference of about one inch. Inside the seed is a seed which forms about eighty percent of the whole seed.

The Acai plant has various uses:

The fruit of the plant is consumed and it is reported to be rich in nutrients, the palm leaves can be used to make furniture, thatch houses and make clothing like hats. The Acai timber is cannot be attacked by pests thus makes it good for construction.

Studies have shown that the Acai plant helps in weight loss.

The components it contains are responsible for this. They have antioxidants; Antioxidants are substance that prevents damages to the body cells. The Acai berry is rich in vitamins which are an example of antioxidants.

How do antioxidants help in weight loss?

Antioxidants help to ensure that any toxins that might have entered our bodies is flushed. Toxins are lodged in the fat cells, when our bodies lack enough antioxidants to remove the toxins, fats will therefore act as a defense mechanism. Since fat will be in use it won't be broken down leading to weight gain. Antioxidants also play a significant role in metabolism where excess fats are broken down thus weight loss.

Rich In Omegas

The Acai plant is also rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, which lowers the cholesterol level in the blood. Cholesterol is harmful in the body, since it is responsible for several health problems like high blood pressure. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are fatty acids. They assist in breakdown of fats therefore they assist in metabolism. Omega 3 assists the body respond to a hormone called 'Leptin'. This hormone aids in increasing metabolism. The amino acid that is contained in the berry of the Acai plant also plays a significant role in weight loss.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins that are absorbed into the bloodstream. They increase body activities like metabolism that will result in breakdown of excess food that causes obesity. Different types of amino acids assists in weight loss, some assists in the transfer of fats to be burned. Some types of amino acids reduces appetite for food thus food that is only needed for use by the body will be consumed and therefore there will be no excess left that will cause unhealthy increase in weight.The Acai palm plantation should be encouraged.

This plant has natural medicinal value and it can assist in control of dangerous ailments that are associated with weight gain. Give Acai a try: