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zeaxanthin: the pigment helping your eye to remain healthy


Anti inflammatory and antioxidants seems to be a way of life today. With the advancement in science it is now possible to delay many of the most common diseases that come along complimentary with old age. Cataract, partial blindness, weak visions are common problems witnessed as the human body ages.

However, all this can be delayed if not eliminated completely. The retina of the eye is made up of zeaxanthin present right at the center. It is found in the retina and macula of the eye and is one of the major components. Why is this information important? This is because the pigment can protect the eye from cataracts, partial blindness blurred visions etc.

This pigment is also known to prevent AMD i.e. the age related muscular degeneration of the muscle of the eye. The pigment is a soluble fat and is available in carrots, egg yolks etc. you could also go in for the capsules or the tablets available in the medical store if the zeaxanthin rich food it not a part of your regular diet.

The benefits of the proteins will be visible once the body ages or begins to degenerate. Hence stock in a lot of zeaxanthin to prevent laser treatments and also vision glasses.