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American Ginseng: Health benefits


American ginseng, also named Panax Quinquefolius, belongs to the ivy family of plants and it's used for therapeutic purposes - mainly in the alternative medicine niche.

This plant's medicinal use reports back to the Native Americans, as it's leaf and root were a powerful healing herb used by witchdoctors for many purposes.

American ginseng was also traded to the asians by big sums of gold in the 19th century - and it's still very valuable now, but because of its health benefits.

This herb has the following benefits:

  • - Controlling and preventing diabetes by keeping your blood-sugar in check;
  • - Preventing obesity: American ginseng tea lowers your appetite;
  • - Sexual enhancement: Like its Korean counterpart, it helps to perform sexually;
  • - Menstrual side-effects: Cramps, headaches and other symptoms are relieved by the tea made from the American ginseng's leaves.
  • - It helps as a tonic: Giving you physical and mental focus And more.

It's root is used in many modern remedies.