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Is Acerola Vitamin C Better Than Other Forms Of Vitamin C?


Acerola is a fruit that belongs to the Malpighia species. Some of the common names of acerola fruit are: West Indian Cherry, Barbados cherry, Antilles Cherry and Cereso. Acerola is said to have originated from Yucatan, but today it grows abundantly in the lower North America including Texas, Mexico, Jamaica, Caribbean, Central America and South America. It's a small, cherry-like, red fruit which has three lobes and three seeds. These fruits ripen within a period of 25 days. It has been observed that their level of nutrient is highest before they ripen. Vitamin C found in acerola fruit is greatly recommended since it co-exists with carotenoids, bioflavonoids and some other complex phenolis. This is great in ensuring stability and related bioavailability and also activity of vitamin C.

The benefits of acerola berry are that it's one of the best natural sources of vitamin C; this means that the health benefits of acerola are many.An unripe acerola fruit contains vitamin C in large amountsVitamin c is good in antioxidant; it prevents cataract and also minimizes the chances of a heart attack and stroke. This is because it prevents oxidation of cholesterol in blood. It's said that acerola extract contains 32 times more vitamin C compared to orange juice. It's a great help in discoloration of skin. It also helps in natural control of blood sugar. Sometimes a child may be unable to take the high acid content found in oranges; an extract of acerola can be added to apple juice. This will make it rich in vitamin C. When used as food supplements it provides great health benefits. Below we are going to see some of the benefits of acerola vitamin C. Benefits of vitamin C. *It's of great help to asthma patients due to its anti-oxidation function. *It's of great help to high blood pressure patients. It reduces the level of blood sugar. *Vitamin C helps women during treatment of infertility and also increases sperm count in men, especially smokers. *It's used in treating Parkinson's disease, since it has a balancing effect on the blood fat level and also intra-ocular pressure. *Vitamin C is minimizes the chances of cancer, it's also used in treating cancer *Vitamin C is essential for a healthy skin since it prevents skin from wrinkling therefore increasing its popularity in the beauty industry. Vitamin C also helps in promoting production of collagen, this improves the skin tone and elastin and also helps to defend the skin against the damaging effects of free radicals which can prematurely age the skin and leave you looking older than you are. It also reduces levels of stress, making it an all-round winner in beauty books. It also helps in faster healing of wounds. *A high dosage of vitamin C is of great help in treating some allergy and also treating common cold , flu, pulmonary disturbances, gallbladder diseases and liver illness. *Vitamin C found in acerola helps in reducing herpes symptoms like redness, swelling and pain. It also reduces mucus, which is a great cause of herpes virus to multiply. *During pregnancy, vitamin C is recommended for the mother's bone and also to help in prevention of child deformities.

vitamin C is extremely important, make sure you get yours daily!