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Does DHA Help a Child's Mental Development?

DHA And Mental Development

Yes, DHA plays a vital role when it comes to the mental development of a child. That is the reason why pregnant women are advised to consume at least 300 mg of DHA daily during the entire course of pregnancy. The total amount necessary can be obtained from supplements or foods, which are both safe for the expectant mother and for the child inside the womb. When pregnant women consume sufficient amount of DHA during pregnancy, essential vitamins and nutrients are transported to the child through the placenta and the umbilical cord. DHA is considered as an essential building block for the development and formation of the brain tissues. Compared to any other essential fatty acids, DHA has the biggest effect on the composition of a certain type of fatty acid in the brain known as polyunsaturated fatty acids. Since 70% of the brain cells are formed before childbirth, it is necessary to provide the fetus with sufficient amount of DHA. Apart from that, DHA omega-3 is also helpful in improving the unborn child's cognitive and learning functions. DHA also plays a vital role when it comes to proper coordination of the transmission of signals within the brain, the nervous system and the eyes. DHA is helpful in increasing the flexibility of the cell membranes, which are essential for the transfer of messages into the brain. Apart from that, this essential fatty acid is also beneficial to the eyes and the heart. That is why most women going through the course of pregnancy are advised to consume sufficient amount of DHA for their child's proper mental development.