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How chondroitin sulfate boosts joint health

Chondroitin sulfate In an ideal world, the cartilage in our bodies would last forever. However, this is not the case as our joints are subjected to every day wear and tear, aging, improper nutrition, injuries arising from sport etc. To maintain proper cartilage health and to ensure that joints are flexible enough to withstand high-impact activities, chondroitin sulfate is advocated for. This compound is classified as a ‘glycosaminoglycan' and is composed of animal cartilage such as that found in sharks. Chondroitin sulfate improves joint health in the following ways:By allowing water and nutrients to pass through the cartilage, it provides an enabling atmosphere for repair and support of connective tissue.The structure of the connective tissue is enhanced thus contributing to greater flexibility. Chondroitin sulfate is widely used by athletes whose joints are constantly under duress to both protect and heal damaged cartilage. Further, active individuals, those with broken bones and people suffering from osteoarthritis can also benefit immensely from this compound.