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About DHEA And Its Health Benefits


Dhea is an acronym for the chemical name dehydoepiandrosterone. It is a nutritional supplement mainly used by athletes and other individuals seeking to build muscles, burn fat and considerably slow their aging process. Human bodies tend to release these steroid hormones naturally. Deficiency in these steroid hormones necessitates the use of dhea supplement.

There are many health benefits of using these supplements. To get these benefits, it is imperative that you follow stipulated dosages to avoid overdosing, even though this is hard to do. Some of these benefits include:Better heart function by lowering the levels of cholesterol in the blood. This helps to prevent blood clots in blood vessels. Prevents the loss of bones by eliminating steroid hormones deficiency thus reducing osteoporosis. Ensures a stronger immune system by boosting immune levels and functions. Improves memory by increasing the release of hormone acetyl choline which has a special interaction with neural receptors.

Fights cancer -dhea is able to inhibit lung, skin, colon and breast cancer all of which are chemically induced.