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Aged Garlic Extract May Lower Your 
Chances of Getting Colds or the Flu

Even if you do get sick, your symptoms may be less severe 

If you want to avoid catching a cold or the flu this year, a study published in the recent issue of Clinical Drug and Pharmacology1 indicates that you may want to consider taking a supplement containing Aged Garlic Extract or AGE. 

In clinical open trials, researchers in Japan followed about 300 adults taking the recommended dosages of products containing AGE for several years. The same recommended dosage amount of AGE is available in the United States as Kyolic®. 

Among the study participants, there was a statistically significant decrease in the number of people who reported getting a cold or the flu. Those who did catch these viruses reported less severe symptoms than they had experienced in the past when they had not taken AGE.1 This research adds more solid clinical evidence to support use of AGE for boosting the immune system and warding off illness.

Aged garlic extract is produced by a long extraction process, up to two years, creating an odorless product rich in active, bioavailable compounds. This extract is standardized to ensure consistent levels and ratios of these unique compounds. In fact, some of these beneficial compounds are not found in regular raw garlic or other garlic supplements. 

Based upon previous immunological studies using Aged Garlic Extract and chemical analysis of AGE, it is found that a special protein fraction (F-4 Protein Fraction) found in AGE has a significant activity to enhance immune activities which may lead to cold and flu prevention. 

Overview of Immune-Enhancing Effects of

Aged Garlic Extract (AGE) and its F-4 Protein Fraction


Natural Killer Cells2,3






­ 160%

­ 110-290%



­ 30-900%



­ 250%

­ 60%


­ 230-300%

Almost 400 scientific studies have been completed on aged garlic extract, done in major universities. 

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