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1.  How does Aged Garlic Extract differ from other garlic supplements?

Aged Garlic Extract contains the stable, antioxidant, water soluble, sulfhydryl compounds that scientists focus on for numerous health benefits without the risk of side effect.   For instance, in 1997 research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center at Cornell University and East Carolina University Medical School, focused on a compound found only in Aged Garlic Extract called S-allyl mercaptocysteine (SAMC). SAMC demonstrated strong tumor inhibiting properties for prostate, colon and breast cancers. It should be noted that Aged Garlic Extract has shown greater tumor inhibiting effects than SAMC alone, demonstrating the synergistic effect of the many beneficial compounds in Aged Garlic Extract.

Other garlic supplements, or even raw garlic, do not contain these compounds which only become available during the aging process.  


2.  What type of current research is being done with Aged Garlic Extract?

Aged Garlic Extract is used in several university research projects annually. These studies have focused on aspects such as cholesterol, high blood pressure, homocysteine levels, immune stimulation, cognitive effects, liver function and anti-tumor effects. The results are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Some of the institutions involved are Loma Linda University, Brown University, Penn State University, Rutgers University, Cornell, the National, Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Health. 


3.  Why have researchers focused on Aged Garlic Extract in their research?

Consistency is very important for scientific research. Aged Garlic Extract is manufactured with an extraction process that offers consistent amounts of effective compounds. Simple dehydrated powders used in other garlic pills not only lack consistency but are standardized with non-active compounds that actually are not present in the products you take. This lack of true standardization and inconsistency render these products far less acceptable than Aged Garlic Extract for research and therapeutic purposes.


4.  Many garlic products describe themselves as being standardized? What are the differences between those products?

As you can see from the table below, Kyolic® is standardized with S-allylcysteine (SAC). This compound was chosen because it has been proven effective, safe and bioavailable. Various other products are standardized with compounds that are not bioavailable, not present in the product, or are not even effective. It makes no scientific sense to market any botanical based on a marker compound that is not a chemical constituent of the garlic supplement or biologically active in the body. The SAC in Kyolic is both biologically active and present in the supplement itself. This very important difference separates Kyolic from all other garlic brands.



5.  What about products that claim allicin is their active ingredient?

Strangely, not one of these products actually contain allicin or delivers allicin to the blood or liver where garlic actives are measured. Obviously, if it can't be found in the body, it can't be an active ingredient. These products are the subject of recent negative media reports that should not be confused with the positive reports on Aged Garlic Extract.



6.  How should consumers choose a garlic supplement?

To be fully safe and effective, a garlic supplement should be an antioxidant and manufactured through an aged extraction process. Consumers should always be sure the product is standardized with SAC and manufactured under current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) established by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an international standard. Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract fits all of these guidelines.


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