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Coffee linked to heart disease

A recent study on heart disease and stroke risks from the Netherlands reported in New Science suggests that coffee may be a contributing factor in risks to heart health. Conducted at Nijmegen University and the Wageningen Center for Food Sciences, this study examined the effect of drinking unfiltered coffee on homocysteine levels in the body. Homocysteine has been associated with heart disease and stroke risks. Researchers found that unfiltered coffee raised Homocysteine levels nearly 20 percent. This contradicts previous studies touting the antioxidant qualities of coffee. A study at Dundee University in Scotland suggested that drinking three to four cups of coffee each day actually reduced heart disease and related risks by nearly forty percent. While researchers may disagree on the effects of coffee, they do agree that more research is in order to determine the benefits and dangers of coffee. Until then, a spokesman has suggested that drinking coffee in moderation should pose no threat to a person’s health.

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