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Colon Cleansing

As I have studied acupuncture and its philosophy, the notion of cleansing the bowel began to make a lot of sense to me. I have seen some impressive results from bowel cleansing One of my patients, a 54-year-old woman, came to see me for fatigue. She had a high cholesterol count in the 350 range and her triglyceride level was approximately 1200. She was also chronically tired due to a metabolic derangement that stressed her liver and digestive system. Under my direction she went through a bowel cleanse along with an herbal and supplement regimen. At the end of the cleanse, her cholesterol and triglyceride levels had fallen considerably and she was amazed that she had regained about 90 percent of her energy.

Now, this doesn't mean that all people with chronic fatigue syndrome will be cured by cleansing their bowels, but it does mean that we could benefit from a bowel cleanse at least yearly, if not twice a year. Colon cleansing is an often overlooked therapy when designing a treatment program for disease. When you follow a colon cleansing regimen based on a specific herbal blend, you will notice increased urine production, more bowel movements and, for some people, an enhanced feeling of well-being. Cleansing your colon can improve overall physiologic function. Herbs designed to augment liver function should be added to your cleansing blend in combination with blood purifiers. When the bowel is functioning well, all other organs benefit. The intestines more efficiently absorb nutrients, the liver detoxifies the blood and our defense mechanism functions more effectively.

Colon Cleanse Herbal Formula

Generally speaking a good colon cleanse combination will include herbs to stimulate colon muscles, herbs to prevent gas and cramping, blood purifying botanicals and a fiber source. Note: Cascara sagrada should be the primary herbal constituent of blends designed to promote elimination. A typical colon cleansing formula can include a combination of some of the following herbs:

  • acidophilus
  • aloe vera
  • black walnut
  • buckthorn
  • burdock
  • butternut
  • capsicum
  • cascara sagrada
  • fennel
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • Irish moss
  • peppermint
  • psyllium hulls
  • pumpkin seeds
  • red clover
  • senna
  • slippery elm

The purpose of blends that use the herbs listed is to provide nutritive support while stimulating intestinal cleansing and detoxification. Ridding the intestines of parasites, cleansing the blood and strengthening the liver and gallbladder are also involved in optimal colon cleansing. Frequently, seemingly unrelated health problems can be traced to a sluggish or congested colon. Harboring toxic waste in the large intestine can pose a significant health risk. Carcinogens, altered hormones and other poisonous chemical compounds can be reabsorbed into the body if not eliminated properly. In addition, disorders like chronic constipation attest to poor dietary habits and a lack of colonic health. These herbs provide the optimal blend for colon function which will, inevitably, improve overall health.

Most herbal blends are comprised of what might be called dominant, more active plants that are usually responsible for primary therapeutic actions. These are combined with more passive herbs that serve to soothe, support and potentiate. Stimulatory herbs are usually of the bitter variety and are very nicely complemented by aromatic, carminative and demulcent herbs. For example, senna is a stimulatory herb which initiates colon muscle contraction. Adding ginger, a carminative, to senna soothes the stomach and prevents gripping which may occur if senna was taken alone. The addition of capsicum to any herb formula acts as a catalyst, increasing the efficiency of each individual herb.

A colon cleanse usually starts with a fast that is followed by a juice diet and herbal supplementation. Eating only raw foods for a short period of time is also recommended, combined with as many glas

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