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DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol)

Definition: DMAE is a compound which, among other things, is considered a neurostimulant. It has been used for everything from memory and learning enhancement to increased stamina. It is most commonly used as a mild stimulant that boosts energy without interfering with sleep patterns. DMAE is believed to contribute to increased mental awareness and stamina without the significant side effects of caffeine or amphetamine drugs. In relation to weight loss, DMAE also contributes to heightened metabolism and thermogenesis by boosting energy levels and by helping reduce body fat stores while building muscle. It is thought to work in tandem with herbs like ephedra to help maximize thermogenesis, although no clinical studies supporting this action exist.

Applications: Memory impairment, learning enhancement, stamina, weight loss and thermogenesis.

Recommendations: DMAE can be found in certain seafood and is naturally present in very minute quantities in brain tissue. It is considered a nutritional supplement and is available in capsules, liquids or powdered forms. DMAE may be added to various formulas designed to boost energy, fight fatigue or burn fat.

Note: If using the liquid form of DMAE, refrigeration is required to preserve potency.

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