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Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea)

Definition: Because it has natural antibiotic actions, echinacea is considered an excellent herb for infections of all kinds. In addition, it works to boost lymphatic cleansing of the blood, enhances the immune system and has cortisone-like properties which contribute to its anti-inflammatory action. It is recommended for stubborn viral infections, yeast infections and for arthritic conditions.

Applications: Acne, arthritis, blood cleansing, boils, burns, bronchitis, canker sores, chronic fatigue, colds, congestion, contagious diseases, ear infections, fevers, herpes, glandular disorders, infections (viral and bacterial), influenza, immune system disorders, prostate disease, psoriasis, tonsillitis and wounds.

Scientific Updates: Laboratory tests have found that compounds contained in echinacea have the ability to re-arrange and recognize enzyme patterns in the body. The ability of this herb to boost immune function deals with thymus gland stimulation. It can actually stimulate the production and action of interferon. Echinacea may help the body neutralize carcinogenic substances.81 The chemical content of echinacea promoted improved resistance to all septic or infectious conditions.

Complementary Agents: Alfalfa, capsicum, ginger, ginseng, cat's claw, goldenseal, astragalus, garlic, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, vitamin A, blue-green algae, B-complex vitamins, calcium/magnesium and zinc.

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