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Glucosamine Sulfate

Definition: Glucosamine sulfate holds some very exciting potential as a safe treatment for osteoarthritis and other inflammatory joint conditions. It is a naturally occurring amino-monosaccharide found in the joints of mammals. When taken as a dietary supplement, glucosamine appears to significantly restore normal biochemistry in supporting the rebuilding and healing of osteoarthritic cartilage. A glucosamine deficiency has been linked to osteoarthritis. Some studies have supported the ability of glucosamine to heal anti-inflammatory disease.

Applications: Arthritis (especially osteoarthritis), cartilage injuries, connective tissue disease, joint pain and TMJ.

Recommendations: Look for pharmaceutical grade products with strong potency and guaranteed purity. This supplement should always be taken in conjunction with chondroitin sulfate for maximum benefit. Dosages should be higher initially with a tapering off over time. Results will be noticeable within a month to six weeks.

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