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Gymnema Silvestis (Gymnema sylvestre)

Definition: As a native tree of Africa and India, gymnema leaves have the remarkable ability to block out the certain taste sensations, especially sweetness. It is an extremely popular herb in Japan and is included in diabetic, hypoglycemic and weight loss formulas.

Applications: Diabetes, fatigue, hypoglycemia, obesity and sugar cravings.

Scientific Updates: Modern research has found the gymnemic acid, the active ingredient of this herb blocks sugar absorption into the body. A clinical study published in 1986 suggests that extract of gymnema can significantly enhance liver and pancreatic function.

Complementary Agents: Fenugreek, goldenseal, milk thistle, ginger, bilberry, blueberry, dandelion, vitamin C, vitamin A, B-complex, bioflavonoids, proanthocyanidins, chromium, bee pollen and bee propolis.

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