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Introduction: How To Effectively Use The Doctors Guide

I believe that this is the most comprehensive reference guide available concerning the maintenance of optimal health and the natural treatment of disease. It is based on years of experience and boils down the glut of health information floating around out there, to the latest and the most reliable data available. Because I believe in integrating alternative medicine with orthodox practices, I have written this guide to efficiently cover virtually every area of wellness, giving you, as the patient, a ready-reference of viable health options with scientific validation whenever possible. Ideally, I would like to see patients taking this guide with them when they visit their physicians. It will undoubtedly spark some fascinating conversation.

In addition to the initial sections, which act as easy-to-read tutorials on virtually every natural supplement and health discipline, the best natural treatments for over 100 diseases and disorders are delineated and just about every pertinent fact you may need to know has been addressed. Symptoms, causes, dietary guidelines, conventional treatments, herbal and nutritional supplements, precautions, product recommendations and prevention guidelines are supplied. The most effective supplements are listed in insets under the primary heading with secondary nutrients inventoried. I have included a section called Doctor's Notes in which I share with you my own personal experience with the natural treatments of the disease referenced. Helpful and practical suggestions that one can implement at home are also described for each ailment.

The mind/spirit link to achieving health, which is equally important and frequently excluded from other professional health guides, is also included. I am a staunch believer that in our quest to get to the bottom of disease, we must talk about both the spiritual and psychological factors which profoundly influence the lives and well-being of our patients. Stress management is also examined and after years of dealing with the health implications of stress, I have included the most effective approaches.

A number of glossary sections with easy-to-find definitions will help you as the consumer walk into a health food store feeling more confident about your choices. Bioactive compounds, practices from homeopathy to aroma therapy, and a comprehensive listing of just about any nutritional supplement are all defined. New compounds such as CMO, CLA, glucosamine, pyruvate, etc., are all evaluated. Natural products can take the form of herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a wide variety of other substances which have impressive therapeutic credentials. Instead of simply defining these compounds, I have added my own comments concerning their use. The key to using these products correctly is education. No one wants to spend money on worthless products. On the other hand, most of us need to become much more health aware and self-guided in order to heal. It is my intention that this reference book will supply you with information on what are the latest, up-to-date natural treatments, their applications and safety issues. I hope you will find it not only useful, but enlightening.

Part 1

A Course on the Essential Components of Wellness


As a medical doctor who sincerely wants his patients to get well, I offer this book as a complete guide to natural healing. This book is based on the individual experiences of my own patients. I currently treat 80 to 85 percent of my patients with alternative therapies, so I have come to understand which nutritional supplements work best for a whole host of ailments and diseases. I hope that you, the reader, will be the beneficiary of years of schooling in the role that alternative medicine can play in restoring and maintaining health not only in the doctor's office, but at home as well. In writing this book, I have collected years worth of data concerning alternative therapies, their physiological mechanisms, and how to

Information provided in the Education section is provided by Woodland Publishing, Inc. and/or other independent third parties that are unaffiliated with Nutraceutical Corporation, and is intended to provide an electronic reference library about nutrition and health. The views expressed in the Education section are the views of the authors and have not been independently viewed or confirmed by Nutraceutical, and are not necessarily the views of Nutraceutical Corporation. © 1998-2003 Woodland Publishing, Inc. and/or the respective copyright owner. For more information call Woodland Publishing at 800 877-8702.

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