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Lobelia combats respiratory ailments

Common names:
Lobelia, Indian tobacco
Scientific name:
Lobelia inflata
Common uses:
respiratory ailments, sedative

Lobelia has enjoyed a popular place in the world of folk medicine. Its historical use is well documented for various types of disorders, including asthma, whooping cough, bruises, sprains, ringworm, poison ivy, and others. More modern research indicates that it certainly can help with some of these. Lobelia is known as a powerful expectorant, normalizing the quality and quantity of mucus secretions in the respiratory tract. It has been used primarily in this role with asthma, bronchitis and pheumonia. It appears that its major action is a result of stimulating the adrenal gland to release hormones that cause the bronchial muscles to relax. Although often effective when used alone, it is most often used when combined with other herbs like cayenne (capsicum), licorice, or ephedra (ma huang). As far as safety, it is known that lobelia can be toxic, so follow dosage recommendations closely.

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Lobelia, respiratory,