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Island Noni

Noni is a fruit with extraordinary healing powers and most North Americans have never heard of the tropical plant. It's been used for over 2,000 years in Polynesia, China, India and elsewhere with remarkable success. Like aloe vera, kelp and papaya, the extract of noni has demonstrated a wide variety of health benefits

Research indicates that noni stimulates the immune system, regulating cellular function and regeneration of damaged cells. The fact that noni appears to operate on the very basic and critical cellular level may explain why it's useful for so many conditions.

Actually, noni has over a hundred primary and secondary applications. The tropical herb is invaluable as a healing agent because of abilities like lowering high blood pressure; working with melatonin and serotonin to regulate sleep, temperature and mood cycles; increasing body energy; acting as an anti-inflammatory and anti-histaminic agent; alleviating pain; antibacterial properties; and inhibiting precancer growth of cancerous tumors.

As you can see, the medicinal applications are wide-ranging.

So how, exactly, does this tropical herb function?

Active Ingredients in Noni

Dr. Ralph Heinicke, who has long been at the forefront of noni research, believes that noni helps in the normalization of abnormally functioning cells (sick cells) by delivering to the body proxeronine (pronounced pro-zero-neen) and other agents, which the body then assembles into a compound called xeronine (pronounced zer-o-neen). The xeronine exhibits positive effects on cells that result in most people feeling better.

Since the 1950's, Dr. Heinicke and his research team have discovered that although pineapple contains some proxeronine, the richest source comes from noni. In fact, noni has 800 times more proxeronine than its nearest competitor, ripe virgin pineapple. Dr. Heinicke believes that xeronine strengthens the body proteins and concurrently acts as a fulcrum to make the proteins more flexible and effective, enabling the body to heal itself. As you can see, xeronine is a crucial compound in your body.

From Hero to Xeronine

Xeronine is assembled by the body from a series of building blocks; among them are proxeronine, which we've mentioned, proxeronase (an enzyme), and serotonin. Noni contains all of them. Your body also contains these three primary building blocks but proxeronine is in chronically short supply, and it must be supplied from somewhere.

Let's examine exactly how xeronine fits into your body's biochemical processes. Under normal circumstances, the liver stores proxeronine, and about every two hours, it is released into the blood stream to come to the aid of malfunctioning cells. At the same time, proxeronase and serotonin which are already present in the tissues of sick cells bond together. When proxeronine arrives, the serotonin-proxeronase complex unites with the proxeronine. The union results in free xeronine, which repairs malfunctioning cells.

This process only works when there are normal amounts of cellular malfunction. Unfortunately, any major stress can trigger higher-than-normal amounts of cellular malfunction; precancerous cell activity or any number of health problems, including physical and/or emotional problems, or fungal infections and toxins may bring about this phenomenon. When this occurs, the demand for proxeronine which, if you remember, is only released intermittently by the liver dramatically increases. Noni is helpful because it contains high levels of proxeronine in addition to all of the other building blocks to make xeronine.

Sha Na Noni

The medicinal applications of noni are staggering in number and variety. In addition to the benefits mentioned earlier, noni can:

  • Provide relief from sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis and other nasal ailments.
  • Re

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