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Many Americans don't know they have cardiovascular disease until they have their first heart attack
Medical doctor says there are several steps you can take to help protect your heart - and possibly save your life

Every 33 seconds, someone dies of heart disease. In fact, one of every 2.5 U.S. deaths is attributed to this disease that claims more lives each year than cancer, AIDS, and accidents combined. Despite the chilling numbers, heart disease can be avoided by making simple changes to your lifestyle, from diet to exercise. In Enhancing Heart Health: Preventing a Heart Attack, author Matthew Budoff, MD, cites the latest research on how to understand and prevent heart disease. 

"The bad news is that heart disease continues to have a stranglehold on Western society. The good news is that you can make a dramatic difference to benefit your heart," explains Dr. Budoff. "With a comprehensive plan that covers diet, lifestyle, and dietary supplements like aged garlic extract, you can increase your odds of avoiding a heart attack and living a long and vital life."

Unlike other books on the subject, Enhancing Heart Health: Preventing a Heart Attack, moves beyond pinpointing high cholesterol as the main cause of heart disease. Dr. Budoff illustrates the bigger picture of factors that can affect heart health from your genes to the environment. 

As Dr. David Heber, director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, states in the foreword, "Dr. Budoff utilizes current statistics and timely information to provide readers with a clear picture of the heart disease epidemic … Thanks to Dr. Budoff's interest in cardiovascular research, his book provides a consumer friendly, easy-to-understand view into this complex topic." 

                    Biography - Matthew Budoff
Matthew Budoff, MD, FACC, is an assistant professor of medicine at the UCLA School of Medicine and program director for the Division of Cardiology, as well as director of the Electron Beam CT Laboratory at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, Calif. He completed his undergraduate work at University of California, Riverside, and earned his medical degree at George Washington University in Washington D.C. Dr. Budoff's efforts to identify and modify risk factors for cardiovascular disease using electron beam CT have been extensively published. His latest research focuses on the progression of arteriosclerosis. 

                            Topics of Discussion

    · With everything we know today, why do we still have         such a high incidence of heart disease in this country? 
    · What are the major heart disease risk factors?
    · What role does nutrition play in heart disease                  prevention? 
    · How does Aged Garlic Extract benefit heart health? 
    · How old should you be to start taking Aged Garlic         Extract? 
    · Are there other health screenings, besides cholesterol levels, that we should be getting?
    · What are some of the environmental reasons people may develop heart disease, and can steps like taking Aged Garlic Extract help to counteract those risks? 

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