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Quercetin is another remarkable flavonoid. Its particular antioxidant activity has been found to help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Quercetin helps to dilate and relax blood vessels and has a protective effect against certain types of arrhythmias. It is the major active component of Ginkgo biloba and may be responsible for the beneficial effects that ginkgo has on brain neurons. Quercetin has demonstrated its ability to reduce tumor incidence which attests to its ability to neutralize oxidants within cellular material. Its antiviral activity is particularly significant today, as we face new viral diseases capable of adjusting to various pharmacological treatments. Quercetin is a remarkable bioflavonoid which can help to protect the body against viral or bacterial invasion if given before an infection progresses. It is invaluable as an immune system booster and a protectant against disease. For anyone who suffers from asthma, quercetin may effectively treat and help to prevent asthmatic symptoms.

Seven Chinese herbal drugs were screened for their ability to inhibit certain enzymes which cause several of the complications associated with diabetes. Quercetin was among the compounds tested and exhibited a potent action against these destructive enzymes. Anyone who suffers from diabetes should be aware of quercetin's potential benefits.

Another exciting result of laboratory tests on quercetin was its ability to help normalize hormone levels in both males and females. The effect that quercetin demonstrated on female estrogen and male testosterone levels suggests that the flavonoid is valuable in treating women with high estrogen related problems and men who suffer from prostate disorders. While quercetin has not been clinically tested for its ability to treat migraine headaches, its activity as a mast cell stabilizer suggests that it may indeed be useful.

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