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SAMe: Wonder Healing Agent

We live in exciting times when various little known biochemicals endemic to the human body are being discovered and studied for their effects as medicines. In other words, putting back some of our own natural pharmaceutical compounds in therapeutic dosages may serve to heal us better and more safely than man-made synthetic drugs. SAMe, sometimes called sam sulfate, is such a compound. It's used for detoxification, depression, osteoarthritis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, liver disease and fibromyalgia and is gaining credibility as more and more clinical studies emerge. A new medical mind set emerging in scientific circles everywhere now suggests that maintaining levels of certain biological compounds nature has supplied us with is the key to not only disease prevention but anti-aging as well. Natural medicinal compounds of the twenty-first century will inevitably focus on this biochemical replacement process by using supplements like SAMe.

SAMe: A Brief Definition
SAMe was actually discovered in 1952 in Italy and was recognized as a biological compound that is found in every living cell and takes part in several biological reactions in the human body. SAMe is also considered a critical compound for the maintenance of cartilage. You will find this compound also referred to as SAM-e which stands for S-adenosyl-methionine. Adults produce 6 to 8 gm of SAMe daily. Most of it is made in the liver where it is utilized to detoxify the body of poisons which come in the form of drugs, alcohol, heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, etc. SAMe also participates in all kinds of biochemical reactions which sustain life. For instance, SAMe is vital to the manufacture and maintenance of neurotransmitter compounds like serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine and phosphatidylserine. It also has the ability to help these brain chemicals bind better to their receptor cites which enhances tissue levels in the brain. Moreover, research tells us that increased levels of SAMe can boost detoxification in the body which includes getting rid of not only poisons from our environment, but old biochemical compounds, like old neurotransmitters, made by the body itself. The more efficiently we can sweep these from brain cells, the better new chemicals can function, helping to boost brain function and mood. In addition, SAMe is currently generating a great deal of interest for its significant therapeutic properties. SAMe takes part in a chemical process called methylation which is the way that the body synthesizes the chemical components of cartilage and brain chemicals, and detoxifies potentially dangerous substances. Because of its involvement in these areas, it is now under consideration as a viable treatment compound for joint problems and depression. A number of impressive studies have been published supporting the notion that raising levels of SAMe may prove very valuable for a number of conditions.

SAMe and Depression
The National Institute of Mental Health has estimated that over 20 million Americans may be suffering from serious depression at any given time. In addition, millions more suffer from serious mood and anxiety disorders. We are just now beginning to realize how vulnerable brain chemistry is to even the slightest cellular disruption which inevitably impacts mood. SAMe works to detoxify brain cells and also plays a role in how certain neurotransmitters linked to mood are made, and how they are received. Clearly, SAMe has to be the best clinically-documented, non-prescription antidepressant compound available today. SAMe may provide a viable alternative to people with depression who cannot take prescription medications or do not want to deal with their side effects. SAMe's antidepressant effect was first cited in Italy in 1973. Since then, almost 40 clinical trials have been conducted involving hundreds of patients. The overwhelming consensus of these stud

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