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Study places garlic center stage

It's almost impossible to believe that any one food has the potential to lower cholesterol, control blood pressure, boost the immune system, and diminish the risk of cancer. Nevertheless, well-respected U.S. scientists are becoming increasingly convinced of the power of garlic. In the fall of 1997, researchers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center showed that substances in garlic can significantly slow the development of prostate cancer cells. Studies elsewhere suggest that its active ingredients, called organ sulfur compounds, may help fend off cancer by blocking carcinogens in foods eaten with the garlic. Keep in mind that any anticancer benefits of garlic have only been documented in lab animals fed a huge amount of garlic around 2.5 percent of their food by weight. For humans, that translates into a large handful of garlic cloves; supplementation with pills or powders is certainly a more attractive option.

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