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The Meaning of Chelated Minerals

Minerals that are attached to a molecule of protein that enhances their transportation into the bloodstream are called chelated. Chelated minerals are thought to be more absorbable and are recommended for any mineral supplementation. As with vitamins, a balanced array of minerals should be taken in order to achieve optimal results. Taking minerals with meals also helps to make them more absorbable.

Note: A large increase in dietary fiber can deplete mineral supplies. Make sure to take a good mineral supplement at a different time than the fiber in order to avoid this effect.

Individual Minerals Boron (trace mineral)

Applications: Needed for calcium uptake and may be depleted in the elderly. Can help prevent and treat osteoporosis and arthritis.

Sources: Fresh fruits, vegetables (boron content depends on soil amounts available).

Interactions: None known to date; however, low levels of boron can cause urinary excretion of calcium and magnesium.

Recommendations: Look for sodium borate or borate chelates.

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