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Vitamin A

Antioxidant, acne, night blindness, immune weakness, skin disorders, gastric ulcers, tissue repair.

Scientific Data:
Vitamin A depletion may play a significant role in diseases like cancer, Crohn's disease and gastric ulcers.

Depleting Agents:
Antibiotics, sulfa drugs, contraceptive drugs, alcohol, cortisone, estrogen, mineral oil, coffee, some types of indoor lighting, air pollution.

Butter, whole milk, liver, fortified low-fat and skim milk, dark green leafy vegetables (such as spinach) and yellow and orange vegetables (such as yams and squash)

A lack of zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E or protein can inhibit the proper absorption and function of vitamin A in the body.

Use a high quality form of vitamin A with beta carotene. If you use fish oil sources, take vitamin E with your supplement. You can purchase natural vitamin A as retinol or retinyl-palmitate. If the product is emulsified or micellized, absorbtion will be enhanced.

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