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Vitamin D

Cancer prevention, Crohn's disease, epilepsy, high blood pressure, kidney disease, liver disease, osteoporosis, skin ailments.

Scientific Data:
Recent research suggests that elderly people may be deficient in this vitamin due to a lack of sunlight exposure and dietary depletion. Studies have found that women are consistently low in vitamin D which may predispose them to osteoporosis.

Depleting Agents:
Mineral oil, smog, barbituates, cholesterol lowering drugs, antacids, prednisone, anticonvulsive drugs (dilantin), sedatives, intestinal disorders, liver and gallbladder disease.

This vitamin is produced in the body when we are exposed to sunlight. It is naturally supplied in cod liver oil, coldwater fish, egg yolks, and butter. Dark green leafy vegetables also contain some vitamin D.

This vitamin plays an integral role in the proper metabolism of calcium.

Vitamin D can be taken singularly but is usually included in multiple formulas or with vitamin A. Vitamin D2 is the most common supplement form. Calcitrol is the prescription version of vitamin D and is only used in cases where certain diseases prohibit the conversion of vitamin D in the body.

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