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Yerba Santa (Eriodictyon spp.)

Considered a lung tonic, this herb helps to open respiratory passages and stimulates the production of natural cortisone.

Allergies, asthma, bronchial congestion, colds, flu, laryngitis, hemorrhoids and bladder infections.

Scientific Updates:
Yerba santa exerts a strong stimulant action on the lungs enabling them to expel mucus. It also helps to open respiratory passages affected by allergic reactions, and can help decrease nasal discharge.In the past, it has also been recommended for hemorrhoids and bladder infections.In addition, yerba santa increases the therapeutic effectiveness of other herbs.

Complementary Agents:
Fenugreek, capsicum, mullein, marshmallow, slippery elm, wild cherry, saw palmetto, thyme, comfrey, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, vitamin A, calcium/magnesium, phytonutrients and proanthocyanidins.

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