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The Action Labs� brand is dedicated to providing you with quality nutritional supplements designed to support and enhance your healthy, active lifestyle. Action Labs� focuses on men's and women's specialty products, diet formulas and herbal supplements.

Action Labs� has been bringing you 100% natural, high quality nutritional formulas for longer than 10 years. Action Labs� was founded in New York, and rapidly became popular along the East Coast. Today, Action Labs� has become a trusted and respected brand nationwide, as well as in foreign markets. With over 60 well-focused products, we thoroughly cover the specialty, diet and herrbal categories.

We believe that packaging is a key component of every Action Labs� product. We make every effort to ensure that what appears on the outside of the package reflects the uncompromising quality we deliver on the inside. These steps include easy-to-read labels, glass bottles that retain inner freshness and potency, and lot numbers with expiration dates stamped on every Action Labs� product. Action Labs� products also have tamper-resistant seals located both inside and outside of every bottle cap.

Most recently, Action Labs� was awarded 1st place in the 2002 VITY Awards - herbal category - for its product Ginseng Power Max 4x. This award is one way that retailers demonstrate their belief that Action Labs is dedicated to the business of manufacturing state-of-the-art formulations that will help support your unique health needs. Our uncompromising standards have made the Action Labs� name synonymous with excellence in the natural health food industry.

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  • 1.                 25445
    Deer Antler Velvet, BuckPower

    Deer Antler Velvet, BuckPower   60ct

    $ 45.49
    35% OFF
    2.                 14731
    DHEA for Men

    DHEA for Men   60ct

    $ 16.79
    30% OFF
    3.                 15216AL
    Ginseng PowerMax 4

    Ginseng PowerMax 4   50ct 1000mg

    $ 24.49
    30% OFF
    4.                 46042
    Guarana, Extra Strength

    Guarana, Extra Strength   60ct

    $ 16.11
    38% OFF
    5.                 48880
    Saw Palmetto Plus for Men

    Saw Palmetto Plus for Men   100ct

    $ 23.09
    30% OFF
    6.                 76130
    Tribulus & Maca with Fenugreek

    Tribulus & Maca with Fenugreek   90ct

    $ 29.24
    35% OFF
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  • Cobra (Male Performance) 60 Vegcaps
    Creatine 1500 90 ct
    Deer Antler Velvet, BuckPower 60ct
    DHEA for Men 60ct
    DHEA for Men 60ct
    Ginseng PowerMax 4 50ct 1000mg
    Guarana, Extra Strength 60ct
    Saw Palmetto Plus for Men 100ct
    Tribulus & Maca with Fenugreek 90ct
    Yohimbe PowerMax 2000 50 Vegcaps

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